Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kuwait Rally 2011 - Part 2

I was away for a while and wanted to post this so baaad.

It was raining so heavy that day, And that day ONLY!
I have never been seen it rain in Kuwait like this before. and unfortunately it was the rally day. It was good to have rain in a rally anyway. it will make it challenging. but to reach and move and take pictures was so uncool.

We were not able to get any close to the track, but I was fortunate enough to have a good lens to be able to take cool shots.

This the Dakar Rally champion, watching him rallying in Kuwait was such a delight for me at least.

Press had such a hard time just like me :/

Moving from on stage to another was not cool at all. and it was not easy to get clear shots while raining.

I met few bloggers there too. EXPOSED :P

A lot of photographers were scattered everywhere chatting and smoking. and suddenly, everyone just forget everything and snap that car with few shots, high speed action :P

Kuwaiti drivers were facing some technical problem because of the lack of support. Zain and some few Kuwait Air Ways were few of the companies supporting the drivers. Wish we see more of this in the future.

At the end I went back home all covered with mud and water. but I was so happy for having a stage of this rally in Kuwait.