Monday, May 2, 2011

Q8Stig Car

I have been asked a lot to reveal my identity, well I am just letting you know that the whole idea of having a nickname, is having fun! I am not hiding from anyone or hiding anything. It is just the joy of living the life of the character. The Stig.

So I decided to let go some secrets! Like the picture you see below is my previous car. Most of you guys will know what it is. And the reason behind the post is letting you know that I got a Faster, Louder and No-Traction-Button-at-ll car.

My car was sold to the lucky owner, clean and low mileage. I Miss the car already. but been replaced  and blessed with a newer one.

I will bore you with stories and pictures about this one. and will reveal more :P

Stay tuned.


  1. Y63mk mn khairha o yakfeek mn sharha inshallah :) U don't have to tell us ur identity.. I already know ;p

  2. Hey Lil Ambro!
    Thanx and that will not get you even close to know me!
    And I still know that you don't :)
    It's been a while...

  3. i've been dying to know ur car!!
    since u talk a lot about car we should at least know what u drive right?

    y r ppl so curious 2 knw ur name?

  4. Dont ask me why people wanna know my real name! its just maybe because I stated that you will never get to know me! and that made them tempted to look for me.

  5. Oh yes it's been a while! lol ishfeek sha6 3mrik ;p uba I wasn't curious or wanting to know ur name, and wasn't "tempted to look for u!"..
    (I have better things to do ;p) I just happened to know bl9idfah :)

  6. Omg 3ajeeba il 9ooraah ! Mashalaah , it would look gr8 on a billboard, no joke. soo, you got yourself an airplane?

  7. Ambro : always remember that I have your mobile number from the toys store :P

    Justnoon : Thanks :) I will be posting pictures about my Xcar every now and then.. just for fun. And yes I thought of racing an airplane :P

    X : I thought you have finals by now :P

  8. sh5bari finals...
    t5rjt now :p

  9. Hey Stiggy wiggly boo boo :) I really really missed you! (No, I'm not drinking but just missing you.) How is life treating the Q8 Stig?

    Nice shot!

  10. Welcome back to the blogosphere Stig!

    When is the new ride being unveiled? The anticipation is killing me hehehe