Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Al-Areen Wildlife Park

In 2010 I visited Bahrain almost 15 times, for so many reasons.
Business trips
Training classes
And so many other reasons.

One of those visits, we were free for few hours, so me and my friend decided to go discover Bahrain.
We went to Al-Areen Wildlife Park.

This Wildlife Park was Established in 1975, with over 100,000 plants and trees, & more than 500 animals including the Arabian oryx, which is virtually extinct in the wild, Persian gazelle, springbok, impala, fallow deer, Chapman's zebra, plus a film show and bus tour.

I honestly dont remember watching a film, but As you will see below is the tour from the bus.

Sometimes I forgot to take pictures of the place, and rather focus on some artistic pictures to keep. Next time I will put this in mind.

لا يحوشك!!

I really recommend taking your kids there if you're going to Bahrain, But take them when the weather is nice and you can walk in the sun. Cuz during summer time, you will die!



  1. the Ostrich pic sooo cuteee mashalla i luv it !!

  2. i love the ostrich picture

  3. beautiful pictures mashallah :) n lovely Animals!

  4. Seems that ostrich is cooler than I thought. :P

    will post more of the old pictures I have every now and then. since this dust is blocking me from doing what I love.

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