Sunday, June 19, 2011

Q8Stig Car Again

These are more pictures on the car I sold few months back.

The car I loved, 
The winner of Evo Magazine Car of The Year 2000 award.
The Best 4 wheel drive sports car of its time.

I Still miss the car and its everyday usability as a supercar.
And the fact that I can race any car I want from 0-60.

These pictures were taken by me and my fellow blogger Vemtilation Dock while trying something new we bought. which is a Suction stand that rotates and hold the camera really still.

We managed to fix it on the car, And I was scared that it will fall and drop my Baby Camera 6000$ Camera!!

This weird thing cost actually less than 70$ On amazon, I really recommend everyone interested to get such shots to get one. but you need a smooth surface like a glass or smooth metal.

To buy the Item Click Here



  1. Thanks :D
    I am scared that people started to think I am moremof a photographer than a car lover! But who cares! Huh!

    Glad younliked them ;)

  2. NAH, the pictures shows how much you love cars, its as good as loving cars :P

  3. I really love the shot! great job