Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Stig Gotta Try Elevation Burger too!

I am way behind, Everybody tested it and ate there. But As I confessed last night through twitter. I am a lazy lad after working hours.

So I went there with The Stig's Black Friend. to try the burger everyone in K-town was talking about.

It was crowded although it was 5 pm. and they were closing the restaurant, because Al-Watan Show "Whats on" was preparing the scene for a report and the crew and staff of Al-Watan were all over the place.

Luckily I met Omar Al-Othman aka Omarker and he get me a pass :P

I Sneaked into the kitchen and took pictures from the inside on how they work. found some new tools restaurants use to help speeding the process. such as a three-wholes Ketchup and Mustard squeezer.

Everybody was also talking about the real fries they prepare from fresh potatoes, not the frozen ones. they are so gold and crispy.

You put your Potato!


And, here you go, Sir.

Finally, My long awaited burger came to my table.
I have never ordered double burgers! but the owner told you can eat it!

Verdict :
It is tasty and light, grass-fed cows and fresh potatoes and all the  yummy ingredients.
The place was a little bit dark! because the windows were covered with a big white sticker.

I would go again, and again.
Love it!



  1. Yalaa inshallah it makes you gain more weight :p bil3afia

  2. Enshalla, but this is so healthy! I might go to johnny again tonight. Love the taste of sin.

  3. I confess I still haven't tried it :P

  4. Zain ashwa you reminded me I should check it out this weekend I was in the Avenues last weekend and forgot that it was open again the time that I went it was closed before their grand opening or whatever hehe :P

    Awesome review!

  5. i havnt tried it either so you beat me to it :P

    bel3afia :)

  6. R.Alsharif - You gotta try it, It is like having all the taste of Johnny without the guilt.

    Jacqui - Take Lujain! let her blog :P

    Swera - Take your room mate too. :P e3afeech dear

  7. honestly the fries dont look good but if they're crispy then i guess they might taste better than they look.

    the burgers look amazing. bil3afya!

  8. great behind the scenes pix, bil 3aafya :)

    Never tried it either, I hate crowded places so I'll just wait till the habba passes wila next time u go yeebli ma3aak ;p

  9. ChickFlickjournal- e3afeech :)

    Vainsomethign - I think if shick shake opened, this one will have less crowed or less habba. Next time I'll bring you some

  10. Lujain made her review of the restaurant :P