Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be creative!

I really loved this video and I thought I should share it, Tell me how many of those 29 you're doing ?




  1. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing! :D

  2. How many of those are u doing?
    And which one will you start doing?

  3. Ok I made a note out of every item and let's say "Allah ye3eenk" 3ala reading it ;pP:

    2 It's in my purse going into malls, the gym, or granny's house just in case i need ot write something, or an idea sprouts out
    3 I've got notes full of free writings and my blog is full of it. ;pP
    4 sometimes
    5 yes
    7 from time to time
    8 always it's this or tea
    9 always always always
    10 YUP
    11 I try to but it's mostly photographers but they do inspire me
    12 I ALways ask for honest feedbacks
    13 sadly i mostly work alone
    14 my life's motto
    15 I do it as much as I can
    16 yup i guess i do
    17 no i don't
    18 i try as much as I can. "I'm alive" is the first count.
    19 I get plenty of that ;pP
    20 YES yes yes I do take risks
    21 rarely do i do that
    22 it's a 50% 50% forcing it situation
    23 I'm beginning that its on my summer to-do list pretty affective i must say.
    24 I didn't understand it
    25 I agree with it 100%. I be myself all the way!
    26 Got notes and notes full of them.
    27 I'm a messy person but i try to clean up as much as possible
    28 FUN all the way
    29 At least once a week i try to check something out of my list.

  4. R.alsharif : you're most welcome dear :)

    Esperanza: wow! You are way better than me :p I have a whole new resolution plan to do that, as for No.24..
    A frame work is alway have a plan for something you're working on
    Who, when, why, what's the cost and timeline for everything.

  5. I do most of these things so does that mean I'm almost creative? ;p

  6. The only ones I don't do are:
    -stay away from the computer (that's really hard) :P
    -go somewhere new
    -get lots of rest (I don't have time) :P
    - my workspace is non-existant
    and I don't
    -read the dictionary. Does wikipedia count? :D
    I'll work on those

  7. Vain : You have the HTC Sensation! so you're already creative to me :P I guess I will wait and get one, or maybe buy your second hand :P

    R.Alsharif :
    You do quite a lot then huh! good for you, I need once you get a job(soon enshalla) you will start to feel papers come from everywhere and goes no where!

  8. Loved it!

    I do everything except for:

    - I don't drink coffee (I drink milk or juice or water)

    - I do no count my blessing ;s (in Kuwaiti we say "sau 5air o ge6a ba7ar" :p

    - I don't read a page out of the dictionary ( I will try to do that)