Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kuwait is the 14th richest country in The world

Don't ask what I was doing to reach that report, but I just saw it!

Enough with those people asking for more money and incentives for doing nothing at all. I have asked lots and lots of people what are they doing with the salary increase if they got it?

Every single answer was "Accessories" 
So shut up!

I did not knew what GDP before, or I remember it from highschool. but that just the definition for geeks.



  1. huh?! we r richer than UAE?! never saw that coming!

  2. I guess we are by a small margin, but I think they can afford so much more because they prices will not go up with no control every three months without the government taking actions.

    Plus, The number of rich people there are more than what we have. and they spend!!

  3. Is that list accurate?! It's kinda weird very unexpected

  4. the boudoir is here! this is interesting too!

    Vain : check the link of the source.