Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Dewaneya Vs. Mobiles

In our dewaneya, we get the latest always when it come to technology.
This picture was taken in Oct. 2009.
we were 15 people with 34 mobile, and a pager.
You can see the blackberry was dominating back then and only one iPhone 3G. few Nokias.

July 2011,
12 people with 23 device.
You can see the iPhone is dominating now, with some blackberries still there. and one Samsung Galaxy S II.

I will take a picture in two years from now, and probably it'll have iPhone 7!!!
Galaxy Tough III
And HTC Seduction S ?



  1. Nice .... Best Post Ever ..... and i'm still using my ipod from the first picture

  2. That's awesome! I love how everyone now has at least 2 mobile phones! :P LOL!

  3. how2q8 : Oh! that's an iPod? I lied and said it is 3G :P

    Jacqui : Some have more, I carry 3 mobiles + iPad + Ego! 5 lines with internet.

  4. Wow.. I like the old one more. There's more diversity.

  5. Lol, yea back then Nokia was still one of the top players in the smart phone sector. I guess telecom companies needs to sponsor our dewaneya :p

  6. i like it when the blackberry is dominating

  7. The Blackberry is still dominating. everyone is using the iPhone mainly as a browser.

    BB Wins

  8. wow 3 years only and things have dramatically changed!

  9. Totally, And in the next few years we will see more changes.