Monday, July 4, 2011

Porsche GT3 RS MK II Track test

Here is The Stig doing what he was created to do. Testing cars

I was so blessed to have two of my friends to buy the new GT3 RS mk II or as they call it 997.2
It is the second generation Porsche GT3 RS from the 997 range.

It is said to be the best car Porsche ever made for a track use and also can be used for grocery.

Some of the differences from the 997.1 GT3 RS

More power (14BHP more)
RSR Front suspension
Titanium Components (Exhaust)
Wider front track
String door pulls
Shorter gear ratio
almost 12000 kd extra on the original GT3

For some people this is the same car they used to look at, but for the Stigs, this is a different beast.
So we traveled to Bahrain to test our cars in the Track. And this guy insisted that I take a spin in his Porsche. 

It was the first time for me to drive the GT3 RS ever, and the first time to drive on the inner circuit, which is the new part of the circuit where it has more curves and shorter straights.

So I took the car for a warm up lap, test the gears and take up the tires to their optimal temperature for a better grip. I got to know the track also during this lap.

So, Out of the pits, a bit nervous, it is not my car. and I am driving with people I don't know in a track i have never explore. for the first time ever.

The only comfort I had is that I was stranded with a 5 point seat harness.
Traction Control On.
Suspension set up to Sport.

And here we go.

The gear has a very firm, short shifter and it feels so precise. and the clutch travel was weighted and not heavy as I was expecting. and the gear lever goes exactly where you wanted to be.

I was having so much fun turning left and right to warm up the tire. it feels like Formula 1.
I got to know the track, so in the last straight I kicked the throttle to the floor. And booom! I love normally aspirated engines.

Hard on the brake, Turn in hard and accelerate again.. You can easily measure how much throttle you're using and when to back up. 

In any curve, with the tires hot to the max, you just turn the wheel and the car will go directly in the same line you have in mind. the steering is so accurate, and it transfers so much data int your palms reading every stone and giving you so much info on how the car is reacting. 

The picture below : After one of the main hairpins, comes a 400 meter straight. In the GT3 I was coming out in 2nd and the Lambo was in first.
The Porsche is not the type of car to do well in a straight line as a car has double the cylinders and almost double the capacity.

but it was a win situation for me to keep accelerating next to him, because the GT3 has some advantages. it is super light weight car. which means I can brake so much later, and that's what I did as you can see in the last frame.

Click on the picture to enlarge

After few laps, The car messed my life. I don't think I am going to drive another car with the same level of involvement and temperament. The car has some racing characteristics that other more-powerful cars got.

Verdict : The car is a the fastest theme park on wheels. everything feels alive and agile. 
No need for being scared of the overheating brakes and understeer! 

It was made by Porsche Racing team for those who appreciate driving. 



  1. hi, you describe the car and the driving experience in away make me felt that it is something you die for it.
    I hope I can have the experience one day or better.
    Keep it going

  2. @ZeeZ@N : I would die to do it again and again. it is thrilling to a point you can't love any car later.

  3. One of the very few cars which you can call modern-day-classic!