Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sharp Festival "Koten"

I was invited by Q8Rain, our fellow blogger to attend the Koten Festival by sharp. organized by Best (Alyousefi Electronics)

I got there a little bit late, got to meet few bloggers :)

I am a fan of technology and electronics, as I spend more on gadgets than clothes and accessories. So it was a good chance for me to go there and indulge myself with some of the latest in technology.

I was happy to see a lot of cameras and equipment for photographers. 

The good thing is that they offer almost all the brands under one roof, which is very easy to compare between cameras rather than going back and forth between different stores and dealers.

Land line phones! do you use  these anymore ?

Big variety of plasmas and LCDs.

The regional Marketing Director was there to support the event :)
she helped us in explaining some of the new stuff introduced for the first time. since this is the first time to have the Koten Festival in the gulf region.

Music instruments for kids!
My BB was there just to show the size :P
Loved it!

My lovely hand holding BB and iPhone just to show you how slim id their new TVs.



  1. Aww that's cool! Glad you had fun !

  2. cool, they are showing those super slim TVs at Alghanim range rover BMW showroom too. the Koreans are really something

  3. Thank you for sharing but maaaaan im not RING im Rain :S