Sunday, July 3, 2011

Social Media Day - Kuwait Bloggers

The last day of June.. the 30th is the Social Media Day around the world.
Me, Omarker and His from His&Hers Blog were high in a coffee shop and thought in the middle of the smoke! why don't we all gather in that day?

With no sponsor, From a blogger to another :)

In short, we did. It took us few days to prepare and manage calling the people we need. His did the chunk part of the communication. Omarker did the design and everything you saw. I did nothing at all but blessing the event :P

This picture is stolen from FroyoNation
It shows everyone.. Almost!

The rest of the pictures are stolen from Landeni :P
We started off with Omarker welcoming everyone and kicking off something more than just a two hours meeting. What he started is the begging of a reveloution of a new Era! Bloggers Union Q8.

Then Mr.Abdulrazzaq Al-Mutawa from Ghalia. who welcomed everyone, and supported us with the location and logistics.

I will Skip this guy! :P

His from His&Hers explaining some points about some super posts, the art of a headline and introduced the Kuwait Reddit Team

Saud Al-Khatib, A Redditor, A great graphic designer and a photographer.. He explained more to us about Reddit and how did their meeting picture made it to the top front page.

We would Also love to thank LADUREE for the great Macaroons they sent. It was a great gesture when they knew about the event, and wanted just to make sure everyone gets enough dose of high quality sweets.

Many Thanks to Mr. Fahad Al-Arbash And Miss Mariam for their great support in this event :)
They definitely have the best Macaroons in Kuwait.

26 bites, were eaten by monsters in the Diwaneya the next day!

A Model rather than a sweet!

And would also like to thank Zain for sending us gift bag full of goodies which was also stolen in the Diwaneya.

Zain was one of many companies who offered sponsorship, but we wanted to keep it this way.


  1. it was really lovely event .. hmmmm i think im in one of the photos i will kill Landni :P ... thanx guyz it was really fun

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time!! Great Event!

    Too bad I couldnt make it! Nxt time inshalla!

  3. Rainy : Londeni is innocent, I was stealing from him. and i can change the picture if you want me to :)
    Say hi to the kids :P

    Noon : Yea you missed it. along with Ansam. Hope you had fun there :)

    Marzouq : There will be next time enshalla, and we shall meet :)

  4. Darn! guys it seems you enjoyed a lot i am so so jealous now :P:P

  5. looool no problem hathoool ur Pic ;Pp

    o thanx 4 support us

  6. loool naaaaah im kidding man , a9lan yala abayeen :P .. don't say kids they will kill you :P say girls :S they really enjoyed and they start thinking having their own blog :D

  7. Saifullah : Next time we'll make sure not to forget anyone :)

    Landeni : Thank you for showing up although you were awake for two days :)

    Rainy : Let them have a blog, and supervise them, we will support them till the end. never wait. the vacation just started.

  8. sounds fun :)
    great job on the event, ya36eekom il 3afya :)

    PS: the guy in the white shirt seem very boring! ;p

  9. nice bs guess what I wasn't invited ;/ :(

  10. Vain : He is Boring, that's why I skipped him! Khala9 3ad :@

    Pauline : Enshalla there will be next time, everyone loved it. so soon enshalla :)

  11. Looks good glad I still didn't make it :P

    Just kidding hehe it's a shame I didn't make it maybe next year inshalla :D

  12. We will not wait tell next year ;)
    Stay tuned.

  13. Enjoyed the post. Well done Stiggy. Who is the skinny guy in the white shirt? :P

  14. Expat : I have no idea what are you talking about :p