Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Build your own BMW M1

Recently, I have been obsessed with those nice 3D car configurations where you can build your own car. 

Choosing every single bit of your car can be fun and self satisfactory especially if you're paying a big chunk of money for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but what if you're buying  normal car ?
I guess you would still enjoy it.

The new car I love.. The BMW 1M,  not so much to play with in the configuration screen , limited colors and options. but so much fun in real life.


  1. That car looks purrrrty! I am thinking of a new car but not now as I don't have a steady income lol hehe :P Hence when I do I will for sure be coming to you for info!

  2. It is weird that you liked it!
    No one agrees with em that the car looks pretty..

    Once you want to buy, I will ask you few questions.. about 15 :P
    and then I can decide what you need and what you want..

  3. Definitely, the 1M Coupe is a cult-classic in the making!

  4. I love it!
    Especially that we won't see girls driving it :D

  5. The Stig, la testans girls are driving everything now... ive seen some girl driving a shelby here in kuwait..
    and another girl drives an NSX

  6. I Still think the way the car looks and drives, is more manly. They can do everything huh!

    lets see if they can win a formula 1 car :P