Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dawn Run - Gerge3an Run

Gerge3an : Is a Kuwaiti celebration in the middle of Ramadan for three days, where kids sing for expired candy and old seeds!

So we decided to do it our way.

Since Gerge3an is all about candy! we decided to take more cars from different colors to create the gerge3an bag look in the street.

Then our ghabga started with lots of food for few people, we ate 7% of the food only. Am I being so precise in here?


Finally, el 7okom 7as :P



  1. wow, amazing shots and rides. is the red car a Vantage V12!? not sure but you gotta love the colors.

  2. As always, great shots SeƱor Stig, Food and cars go so well together it seems!

  3. elmachbos o el desserts looking delicious :)

  4. Both the cars and the food looks yummy! Love the colors. :)