Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Run - 3900 Horeses

Right before Ramadan. 
It was humid and good for our babes to suck the moisture in the air and cool our turbos and thirsty hot horses. 

This time I was a little bit far to go home again and get my car, and the guys wanted to go at night before sunrise.
So I had to ride with someone.

I was lucky enough to end up in the GT2 RS this time, and to actually take some pictures in motion.

Every now & then we get new cars in the Runs. This time was the most outrageous car ever built by Ferrari so far, The 599 GTO.

It looks better in real life than in my pictures, and because I don't wanna show the drivers.

We reached our destination, Starbucks ra77al. Or as we call it Starbucks leb3eed :P (The far Starbucks).
As you can see, this better than travelling and looking for scenes to shoot. I can shoot when the guys are up for a RUN!

The Car..

You're looking now at one of 599 cars in the world only.

This is like Victoria's Secret models having a "Girls Night Out"

Almost 3900 Bhp parked. Like 3900 horses compressed!

This one is made especially for iPhone lovers as a wallpaper,



  1. This is like Victoria's Secret models having a "Girls Night Out" LOL 7elwa ;p

    Sounds fun, 3alaikm bil 3afya

  2. Hmm..
    I should've used it for my tweet!
    Will tweet it later :)
    E3afeech ;)

  3. Looks like a ton of fun man! Love the GTO!

  4. The GTO was the coolest car that day, will get a ride once and write my verdict :)