Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lamborghini Run - SuperLeggera

Every time We go on a Run, We give it a name depends on the time or the special occasion.
This Time it was with 4 Lamborghinis.

We Started off At Ayyame restaurant in Abu Al-Hasani, But I was not in the mood to review food.

I was lucky to be a passenger in a Lamborghini LP-570-4 SuperLeggera.
Very orange.. very fast
SuperLeggera in Italian mean Super Light.

As you can see, the car has a naked carbon fiber doors to keep the weight as low as possible.
For me, this is the best way to make a car looks from the inside. better than wood and leather.

Door Handles are also made to show lightness and practicality. A simple piece of leather with a Carbon Fiber holder.

Center Console is all made of carbon fibers, Simple and got the magic buttons.

Orange stitching to match the exterior color.

Alcantara covered steering wheel, this will provide more grip and avoid sweaty hands.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cocoa Room gave me a bad weekend..

When I created my blog, I was never thinking I will come to this stage of rage!

But Cocoa Room managed to ruined my weekend..

I went to Cocoa Room this morning with colleagues to have breakfast, here's what happened :

Me: I want Waffles with Nutella.
Waiter : we don't have.
Me: it said here in the menu you have nutella and have waffles..
Waiter: we can't serve nutella and waffles.
Me: I want to order Plain waffles, A spoon and a jar of nutella!
Waiter: Sorry Sir, I have to ask the manager.


Manager: Yes Sir, How can I help you.
Me: I thought  she explained everything to you!!
Manager: she did, but I want you to explain it for me..
Me: I want Waffles with nutella..
Manager: sorry we don't do that..

And he left!!!!!

I have the same thing happened with me few years back in slider station..
I asked them to lower the volume of the music!! since it was only me and my friend..

Waiter: sorry we can't lower the music..
Me: but it is only me and my friend and we don't need it to be this loud!
Waiter: I will call the manager!!


Manager: Sorry Sir, this is the lowest we can go!!!
Me: Ok, Can you at least lower the base!
Manager: No it is fixed!!
Me: Can you show me? I know a little bit about these stuff..
Manager: NO.
Me: Then I will leave..
Manager: Ok..

If I am not mistaken, it was the same guy! and since that day i neevr went back to sliders and rejected many invitations, and that's exactly what's gonna happen with Cocoa Room and Open Flame since the same Manager is running it.
one of the guys even asked for a juice, to get a reply after 20 mins that it is not available!!!
And when we were about to leave, The same manager got to know that I am a blogger, so he came to apologize !
puuphhh! yea! sure!

This is btw my first post ever complaining about anything. But I was very upset, and I even asked my friends to leave and I will pay for the food in any other restaurants in Kuwait.

I don't feel like writing anything more..
Thanks Mr Manager!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Million KD, Not in Cash

I was off for a week, relaxing and tanning.
And  came back with the best scene I can see ever.

The are artists when it comes to protecting, tenting or even changing the color of your bodywork of the car without painting.

Taking a picture of what costs in total something around 1.2 million KD = 4 million US Dollars!!
That's better than how it looks in cash.

I had to climb some pipes and be all covered in dust and dirt in order to get this picture!
So please don't speak about clarity since I was dying.. somehow 

This little Video was taken by How2Q8 that shows some behind the scenes footage :)

For more info about Foil Art,
You can follow them on Twitter : @FoilArtQ8


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gulf Run Simulator

I got an email from Marzouq inviting me to come and test the new Gulf Run Simulator.

I have seen similar simulators before and arcade games everywhere, nothing comes close to this experience. when I approached the simulator. the sound was so loud and close to reality. but with no carbon smell!

These three pedals are real, I am not joking.. 
and the rubber dots are there for a reason, they help your foot to stick to the pedals to avoid slipping to the other pedal by mistake.

And not like every other arcade, The brake feel was perfectly weighted so you have the feeling of a real brake pedal. 

Real Sparco seats offer more support in real life, and since this particular simulator moves to give you the G-force feel, you need this kind of support.

You'll have too much stuff in front of you like racing cars. RPM lights to tell you when to change up and down, gears and speed.. etc

The seat came equipped with hydrolic dampers to give you the feel of a moving car along with three screens and the pedals. Full racing-seat-belt.

As you can see everyone in Baroue was standing there to see the new amazing Simulator. the sound of it makes even people passing by to come inside and check it.

Check  The Ranking of the bloggers.
I came in Second since it was my first time. and the time i have is better than the one posted on Gulf Run blog. my best lap time was 1:10:123 not 1:10:510

But again I was beaten by Elwehbi and they said there will be a rematch! I will win next time!

To be honest, I loved that Simulator so much, and I will go again to try another circuit, as they confirmed  it has almost every circuit in the world.

You can try it for yourself in Baroue and tell me what's your time.