Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cocoa Room gave me a bad weekend..

When I created my blog, I was never thinking I will come to this stage of rage!

But Cocoa Room managed to ruined my weekend..

I went to Cocoa Room this morning with colleagues to have breakfast, here's what happened :

Me: I want Waffles with Nutella.
Waiter : we don't have.
Me: it said here in the menu you have nutella and have waffles..
Waiter: we can't serve nutella and waffles.
Me: I want to order Plain waffles, A spoon and a jar of nutella!
Waiter: Sorry Sir, I have to ask the manager.


Manager: Yes Sir, How can I help you.
Me: I thought  she explained everything to you!!
Manager: she did, but I want you to explain it for me..
Me: I want Waffles with nutella..
Manager: sorry we don't do that..

And he left!!!!!

I have the same thing happened with me few years back in slider station..
I asked them to lower the volume of the music!! since it was only me and my friend..

Waiter: sorry we can't lower the music..
Me: but it is only me and my friend and we don't need it to be this loud!
Waiter: I will call the manager!!


Manager: Sorry Sir, this is the lowest we can go!!!
Me: Ok, Can you at least lower the base!
Manager: No it is fixed!!
Me: Can you show me? I know a little bit about these stuff..
Manager: NO.
Me: Then I will leave..
Manager: Ok..

If I am not mistaken, it was the same guy! and since that day i neevr went back to sliders and rejected many invitations, and that's exactly what's gonna happen with Cocoa Room and Open Flame since the same Manager is running it.
one of the guys even asked for a juice, to get a reply after 20 mins that it is not available!!!
And when we were about to leave, The same manager got to know that I am a blogger, so he came to apologize !
puuphhh! yea! sure!

This is btw my first post ever complaining about anything. But I was very upset, and I even asked my friends to leave and I will pay for the food in any other restaurants in Kuwait.

I don't feel like writing anything more..
Thanks Mr Manager!!


  1. i had the same music situation but at OFK it was so loud and they refused to lower it ,i dont get the loud music no one can enjoy their meal

    plus a while ago they had a no reservation rule but every time i went there i found out that some people manage to get a reservation HOW ! and i dont get the NO take out thing they have !!

    7asafa they have tasty food so why they ruin it for people ,customer come first

  2. As for reservation, one of the guys today knows the owner and was asking us if we need to call him for a table!
    Was6a for a table? Why? It is not free anyway and I'm paying for my food! And after this incident, I will not even think to go back again.

  3. والله مايستحون على ويوهم

  4. I won't say all of them.. For me it's a one person mistake.. But he's the manager.. An that's another problem

  5. whether you're a blogger or not, they should respect their customers n not treat them like shit!

    mahzala o mas5ara wallah!

  6. Swera : I saw many tweets of people suffering from the same issue this weekend

  7. It's a freakin chocolate place what's the fuss about!?

  8. Oppsssssss!!! someone stepped on the wrong foot!! I hope they realize how to do some damage control ;)

  9. you are so right ... i didn't like them all because they are restricted to their menu as it's a destoor!! .. i never had a problem with them cuz i don't go much bs as i mentioned before that why i love Burger Hub because they respect their customers and they always would love to customize your food..

  10. Rainy : Burger Hub is one of the best places for burgers in Kuwait.

  11. Most restaurants in Kuwait don't know how to treat their customers.