Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gulf Run Simulator

I got an email from Marzouq inviting me to come and test the new Gulf Run Simulator.

I have seen similar simulators before and arcade games everywhere, nothing comes close to this experience. when I approached the simulator. the sound was so loud and close to reality. but with no carbon smell!

These three pedals are real, I am not joking.. 
and the rubber dots are there for a reason, they help your foot to stick to the pedals to avoid slipping to the other pedal by mistake.

And not like every other arcade, The brake feel was perfectly weighted so you have the feeling of a real brake pedal. 

Real Sparco seats offer more support in real life, and since this particular simulator moves to give you the G-force feel, you need this kind of support.

You'll have too much stuff in front of you like racing cars. RPM lights to tell you when to change up and down, gears and speed.. etc

The seat came equipped with hydrolic dampers to give you the feel of a moving car along with three screens and the pedals. Full racing-seat-belt.

As you can see everyone in Baroue was standing there to see the new amazing Simulator. the sound of it makes even people passing by to come inside and check it.

Check  The Ranking of the bloggers.
I came in Second since it was my first time. and the time i have is better than the one posted on Gulf Run blog. my best lap time was 1:10:123 not 1:10:510

But again I was beaten by Elwehbi and they said there will be a rematch! I will win next time!

To be honest, I loved that Simulator so much, and I will go again to try another circuit, as they confirmed  it has almost every circuit in the world.

You can try it for yourself in Baroue and tell me what's your time.



  1. This looks amazing and so much fun , I should try it once I get back ^_^

  2. Yes you should! And try beating my time!

  3. I need to get some practice on that thing! U did MUCH better then me the first time around! I think it will be interesting to have another race at a later point!

  4. Finally your pics are up :)

    I was beginning to get impatient lol Your second time is awesome! I would love to get out there and try it again. Maybe we'll just have to wait until it's "challenge" time.

    @Marzouq: Don't flake on us man, you're in the challenge as well!