Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lamborghini Run - SuperLeggera

Every time We go on a Run, We give it a name depends on the time or the special occasion.
This Time it was with 4 Lamborghinis.

We Started off At Ayyame restaurant in Abu Al-Hasani, But I was not in the mood to review food.

I was lucky to be a passenger in a Lamborghini LP-570-4 SuperLeggera.
Very orange.. very fast
SuperLeggera in Italian mean Super Light.

As you can see, the car has a naked carbon fiber doors to keep the weight as low as possible.
For me, this is the best way to make a car looks from the inside. better than wood and leather.

Door Handles are also made to show lightness and practicality. A simple piece of leather with a Carbon Fiber holder.

Center Console is all made of carbon fibers, Simple and got the magic buttons.

Orange stitching to match the exterior color.

Alcantara covered steering wheel, this will provide more grip and avoid sweaty hands.



  1. I think you would get a rush just by sitting in the drivers seat and hold the Alcantara wheen in your hands. amazing ride

  2. Oh god! i would have had a heart attack if i saw this for real!

  3. qabaq : This specific Orange Lamborghini is fitted with a special Trofeo Lambroghini Racing exhaust system. maybe its the only road going car in the world with that exhaust. Sounds really great.

    Moody : I guess you will like it.. I guess a Bloggers Run is a must now!

  4. amazing photography :) just love your blog what camera you using ?

  5. Great shots as always Stiggy! Still no invite? :( Just kidding lol