Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Million KD, Not in Cash

I was off for a week, relaxing and tanning.
And  came back with the best scene I can see ever.

The are artists when it comes to protecting, tenting or even changing the color of your bodywork of the car without painting.

Taking a picture of what costs in total something around 1.2 million KD = 4 million US Dollars!!
That's better than how it looks in cash.

I had to climb some pipes and be all covered in dust and dirt in order to get this picture!
So please don't speak about clarity since I was dying.. somehow 

This little Video was taken by How2Q8 that shows some behind the scenes footage :)

For more info about Foil Art,
You can follow them on Twitter : @FoilArtQ8



  1. Beautiful scenery, the sound of that Carrera GT is plain sexy

  2. هاهاهاها أنا عرفتك من شفت واحد بإيده كاميرا و متشلبي فوق و يصوّر بفيديو بو زيد

  3. Expat : When are you going to join us for a run ? :P

    Qabaq : Carrera GT has the best sound ever after the McLaren F1.

    iMaGiNaTiOn : Thanks

    Kuwait Boys Toys : You were there ?

    CFJ : Thanks :)

  4. Now that's what I call a gathering of machinery!

  5. No Bro, I saw a video on YouTube and I saw a guy climbing up to take pictures, and from all the old pictures I saw on your blog, I noticed you love high view pics.. and realised it was you when I got here and saw this post ;)

    Sherlock Holmes mo Kuwaiti Boys Toys hahahaha

  6. Wow the scene was looking to great all the picture's are really awesome..
    cash for old cars