Monday, October 31, 2011

Traveling in a Rolls Royce Phantom

Our group (Dawn Run) decided as usual to go to Bahrain for an open track day at BIC (Bahrain International Circuit)

I was going with my frined Bu Zaid and his son Zaid, in a RR. I thought it is a Range Rover, But I was wrong.. It was a Rolls Royce Phantom.

I was in the passenger seat, and when we hit the highway, I thought for a moment there's something wrong with my ears. and I was not sure if I am feeling ok.

Everything was moving when you look from the side window. but I can't hear anything. Until Bu Zaid Asked me "Whats wrong with you" then I laughed knowing that I was in a Phantom and that's normal not to hear anything. 

The seat was so comfy and thats urging me to sleep.. but it was fun having a chat in car like having chat at home with total silence.

And off to the borders, everyone was scared of the car and our process was so easy!! Shallow people!

Once we were in KSA on the way to Bahrain, I felt like being in a first class seat of the best airlines.. No.. even better. Zaid started giving us some snacks and refreshments. then I had a Banana! and I don't remember anything.. for an hour or so.

Ok, I am not the kind of person who falls asleep easily, especially when traveling in a car, but this is a first for me.. And maybe the last time to do it in a phantom.

We reached the hotel Sofitel, which unfortunately I did not have tie to review like I did with Banyan Tree last time. 

And off to the track since Bu Zaid already shipped his cars before to the track a week before.

Enjoy the pictures..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Khafji Fishing trip

Last weekend we went fishing in Khafji (KSA) It was one of those trips I will never forget.

I was no allowed to take pictures from the harbor or port if wanna call it. because we were in a very restricted facility in KJOC (Kuwait Joint Operations Company) a sub company between Kuwait and Saudia Arabia. 

And as you all know, Oil is the main source of income to us, so strict security precatuion is a must. 

We were 15 people in a 30 meteres boat. one of those boats you see towing big oil tankers to the port. 

The weather was perfect and everything was prepared, Fishing nets, catering and lots of things to do while waiting to reach the oil rigs.

What is an Oil Rig ?

read it Here

As it was getting dark, and moving from one rig to another where we were looking for more fish. we got bored. so i decided to break some rules and started taking pictures of stuff you'll never see again..

Moments of truth..

Texting and relaxing..

Stairway to the engine room..

And that's the boat, I was 7 stories high and still couldn't get a full picture of the boat and fit it in the picture!

And that's some of the catch..


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lamborghini Aventador with a Lamborghini SV face to face

A Lamborghini Murcielago SV and Aventador have come together for one expensive and powerful photo shot. More like an aging master has come face to face with the newest stud from the family farm.