Saturday, October 22, 2011

Khafji Fishing trip

Last weekend we went fishing in Khafji (KSA) It was one of those trips I will never forget.

I was no allowed to take pictures from the harbor or port if wanna call it. because we were in a very restricted facility in KJOC (Kuwait Joint Operations Company) a sub company between Kuwait and Saudia Arabia. 

And as you all know, Oil is the main source of income to us, so strict security precatuion is a must. 

We were 15 people in a 30 meteres boat. one of those boats you see towing big oil tankers to the port. 

The weather was perfect and everything was prepared, Fishing nets, catering and lots of things to do while waiting to reach the oil rigs.

What is an Oil Rig ?

read it Here

As it was getting dark, and moving from one rig to another where we were looking for more fish. we got bored. so i decided to break some rules and started taking pictures of stuff you'll never see again..

Moments of truth..

Texting and relaxing..

Stairway to the engine room..

And that's the boat, I was 7 stories high and still couldn't get a full picture of the boat and fit it in the picture!

And that's some of the catch..