Wednesday, November 2, 2011

BIC All over - Again

After reaching BIC with non stop drive in the Rolls Royce Phantom from Kuwait (Full story)

The weather was amazing and everything was cool.

I was not taking my car this time, don't ask why. so I was free to take some pictures and enjoy being a passenger in some of the cars.

Everyone must be briefed about the Track Day and Safety rules. I skipped! I mean Come on ! I am The Stig!

Cars were being checked, helmets every where and people with mobiles had fun since we brought in some interesting cars.

The Phantom was the star of the show, being the only Non-What-So-Ever-A-Tracke-Day-Car. you'll know why later.

As for now, Enjoy some shots :)

Our Helmets

Cooling off after some really hot laps

Two GT3 RS Please!



  1. Wish I made it out for that trip. I was so bummed about missing it.

  2. I guess there's something again this week