Monday, November 28, 2011

Dubai Motor Show - Important Cars

 After I came back from Hajj.. I went to Dubai for Dubai MotorShow 2011
And I would like to highlight only few stuff about the show, and not post unnecessary pictures..

Toyota revealed the FT-86 concept. 

Why is it important ?
Toyota wanted a car to compete with the successful Nissan Z370.
This car will be rear wheel drive for sure and priced under 10.000 KD.

The all new Toyota Camry.. in White again!!

Why is it important ?
The Camry is the most important sedan in the whole universe.. even in mars they use Camry as a daily driver..
Taxis spend 10 hours avg. in the streets everyday.. so they can depend on tho car for sure.. I am sure Toyota will sell more Camry cars than all the German makers!

Brabus E-Coupe 800 Bhp
Why is it important ?
800 Bhp
and Black!

The SLK 55 AMG

Why is it important ?

First of all, Because I like it.. and because it is 450 Bhp small and uses a normally aspirated V8 that sounds really cool and you can go roofless and turn off the radio..


The all new Porsche 998 (911) Carrera S

Why is it important ?

This is the benchmark for all sport cars maker..
This is the car the represent excellence and precision in addition to attraction and usability
Even Porsche themselves will try to challenge the older model although it was more than perfect. but this car got the same timing of the GT3 around the Nurburgring!!!

How ? why ? Ask Porsche.

VW Golf R

Why is it important ?

The Golf GTI got Car Of The Year many times and is an icon when it comes to the hatchback category. And this is the hotter sister of the GTI..

New GTC (GT Convertible)

Why is it important ?
The most usable fast luxury car. and this is the newer model of the british (Somehow 70% German) excellence..

Jaguar XK-RS

Why is important ?

I have no Idea :/

And wait for more..


  1. The Toyota will never be less than 10000 KD. I think it will near 15000 KD...

  2. correction, the new Porsche 911 code is 991 and not 998 ;)

    great post

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  4. Hussain : I hope you're mistaken. But that's just a hope :)

    Qabaq: I know, thanks for correcting :)

    Robin: glad you liked it, and passing by. Wait for the more important posts

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