Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lamborghini LP550 Valentino Balboni Edition

The Lamborghini LP550-2 Valentino Balboni Edition. is another light weight version of the LP560-4. and a better looking sister of course

Since Lamborghini started the production of the Diablo back in 1990-1991 and all the cars became four wheel drive to assure more stability and better traction.

This though, is the only car in 20 years and first Lambo to become a rear wheel drive. 

This car was named after the Lamborghini test driver "Valentino Balboni" the I met here in Kuwait a year ago and interviewed too. Read the full interview Here.

Only 250 cars were made and it is considered now of the most rare sports cars because it is named after a great man and because it is a Lamborghini too.

I honestly didn't got the chance to drive the car or be a passenger. but the owner loved it a lot since he owned 4 Lambrghini's before this one.

He enjoyed the rear wheel drive system and how the car performs oversteer which is more easy to control than understeer.

I was fortunate enough to see three Balboni's that day, all lapping the track and leaving good memories at every bend when down shifting.

The Red one is not originally red, but it was foiled (Sticker) in red. every one loved the color combination of the red body with the white+gold strips.


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