Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GulfRun 26 Hours Karting Endurance Race - Part1

The first of its kind in the middle east.
GulfRun really and finally did it with their 26 hours Karting Endurance Race in Kuwait. No one can say it ease to manage or even organize such an event.

The race Started at 3 pm Kuwait local time during one of those cold cloudy November days in Mishref fairgrounds. I could not attend the opening and starting of the race due to some commitments.

I will share with you some of the pictures, since the total of pictures is 1000+

I guess I distracted this guy!


Thats how small the tires are..

Marshalls did a great job by preventing any accidents and being alert for 26 hours, working in different shifts. some of them even didn't get an hour of rest. Great Job!

Wait for Part two soon, with more pictures of the second day, and some funny moments along with the ending ceremony.



  1. Great shots man! I heard those KFH Camel Spec Racing guys were really good looking and awesome ;) lol

  2. I did not know you're into guys :P