Thursday, December 8, 2011

GulfRun 26 Hours Karting Endurance Race - Part2

The last hours of the GR Karting endurance race are getting faster and faster with three teams battling for the first place.

And I gotta get some shots before its dark again..

Isn't he cool!
I would've asked him to stop and have some tea.. but he was busy.

Wataniya Team cheering  

One hour to finish!

There were lots of sleeping bags and caravans for drivers and team managers to rest a bit.. but eventually, no one did!

Agshar team in 3rd place

I forgot the name of the 2nd team! I am getting old!

And first place Gulf Cable Team.

A Picture of all the teams together.

Top 3 teams done 2700+ laps in 26 hours. This is not easy by the way. 

All in all, GR Management.. Job well done..
Great effort as usual. 


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