Friday, December 9, 2011

iSound test - Mobile charger

In november alone I travelled 3 times.. so I needed a charger to be with me everywhere.. especially in Hajj.

So I asked how2q8 about chargers, and he recommended it. So I went and got it for 45 KD. which is almost triple the price in Amazon.

details : 
  • 5 Powered USB Ports allow you to charge up to 5 USB Electronics at a time (like iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Droid, ect.)
  • LED indicators let you know how much charge you have left on the battery
  • Adds 30 extra hours of usage to iPad
  • Charges any device with a maximum current requirement of 2.4 Amps

In order to review the charger, we abused it.

During Hajj.. I used to charge my BB and iPhone 4 for 10 days without recharging the battery. and it did last the whole period.

And as you see in the 1st picture, we did abused it in Dubai too during my trip to the motor show. we had more than one device hooked to the iSound at all times.

Currently it is the only portable charger with 5 USB ports. and LED light.

It comes with 4 small indicators to tell what's remaining so you know when to charge it.

All in all, The best available in the market and highly recommend it if you're a traveller. or for camping and long fishing trips.

to order from Amazon : click here



  1. woow, amazing product

    thanks for sharing

  2. if you're into traveling, camping or fishing. you need one

  3. That's cool what is it's mAh power? I recently got one from amazon which was 7700 mAh

  4. Jacqui : it is 16,000 mAh. That means seven years of music for your iPod :p

  5. From the pieces that go in the wall, the power gen car charger manual USB cord to the car chargers,