Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Stig is cooking @Chef Boutique

I got an email from Besma 13Cups inviting some bloggers to a cooking class!
The Stig? Cooking Class ? why not, it might be fun after all.

So there I go.. We started with some greetings from Olga and Victor, Owners of @ChefBoutique and served some hot and cold drinks.

Then we met Chef Ismaiel, A Moroccan Chef. A true Chef..

Then I met some ingredients 

From left to right, Chef Ismaiel, Victor And his wife Olga

Ok, Now That all Stigs have short Memories, I will tell you what I remember..

We started off making the pest sauce for the Salad and keep some for the Pasta later on..

Meet Effein.. The Glove

So everyone did a great job with the salad, as you can see above..

Mine though, is different.. but cool!

And we're on for the Pasta

And here you go. My Pasta.

The whole idea of a cooking class is cool, I can easily go with some co-workers for a team building or even take my family for fun. or maybe send my cook to get some new stuff. And to be honest.. I liked the session with the rest of the bloggers.

And at the end, Empress sent us few cakes.. a special cake that contains no flour. and needs 26 hours to bake.. Maybe they're using a lighter or something.. Anyway it tastes better than it looks

If you like to try it even for fun, or if you're thinking you might change your career.. click Here

Many Thanks goes to : 

Besma for making everything happen
Olga + Victor for the great hospitality



  1. your pictures r bringing me heart ache :(

    i wanna eat all of the above right now!

  2. Swera : Visit My restaurant then :P

  3. pasta pics looks so yummy yawa3tna stig

  4. @PinkGirlQ8 : I am hungry myself.. I finished this post o ana 9ayem :/

  5. Looks good and finally you cooked something :P