Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gulf Run 7 detailing @AlfalahCarWash

Gulf Run 7 Night @AlfalahCarWash was one of those nights I wait for.. Why?

Because it is the start of a great event.. Full of Super cars and music and FUN!

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.. Matt Orange.. 
6.3L engine that has one of the best exhaust sounds ever..

Nissan GTR

Ariel Atom.. One of the fastest cars 
Honda Civic Type-R engine.. Supercharged 
2.6 sec 0-100 :)

Shawerma + Saj and snacks 

DJ.. with the best music in town 

AlHamra Tower was a great background..

We will wait to go tomorrow to 360Mall for the Car Show of GR7 Friday 13th and Saturday 14th
Don't miss out



  1. Wow those are amazing pictures, did anyone participate in the Wataniya contest? They are giving away free tickets to the GulfRun in Bahrain. Check out some pictures on their FB page...

  2. Damn you and your pictures! They kick everyone elses out the water!

  3. Jacqui : Maybe only when it comes to cars :P