Monday, January 30, 2012

GulfRun is 7 Years Old

GulfRun is 7 years old.
Great 7 years of making something exceptional for cars enthusiasts.

After the Gathering, which I couldn't attend since I missed my flight in Riyadh.. there was a Car Wash event at Alfalah Car Wash

Then the car show at 360 Mall
Then The Main event in Bahrain.
So I went to Bahrain..

Cars were lapping the inner and outer circuit, Amazing feeling when the pass by the fence and you hear the sound and music they create.

The two orange cars got my attention most of the time, so you'll see them a lot.

The DJ played some of the most amazing remixes ever. Awesome dude!

After taking pictures in the pits, we went to some corners inside the track.
And that's what happen when ride a Vespa wearing dishdasha!

You can see the front of the car digging deep down under heavy breaking for cornering.

My friend MadToro was there giving some tips on photography.

GR branded Bike! 

After a long day of racing and abusing cars.. GR got the track ready for the drivers to have a race at Bahrain International Karting Circuit. Read more about the Karting Here.

And Day1 was over.. Wait for Day 2 coverage soon ;)

Hope you like it.


  1. As always, great pics Stiggy! It was great hanging out with you at the event and getting some photo tips :)

    1. It was great seeing you, don't listen to my tips, follow your eye..

  2. mashallah amazing photos and post. i loved the SV and shelby photos. The karting grid looked intense too :)

    1. The SV, SLS and few other cars are the stars of the show..
      Glad you liked the pictures

  3. Great pics!!! inshallah I'll attend next year.

  4. The pics are simply amazing! Purely car p0rn! :P Hehehe yalla glad you had fun!