Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GulfRun7 Day 2

GulfRun 7 Day 2

The group picture of cars and drivers..

As usual.. I headed for the Bahrain GP tower.. where kings, presidents and Stigs

Unfortunately, some of the cars were missing..  

The drivers.. 




Briefing started after the break for the timing session..

GT3 RS cooling off after few hot laps..

What a shadow..

Safety first..

SLS Abused.. 

And timing was over..

Now is the time for some drag racing.. for those who can't get a good time lap. they can still do a good time in a straight line.

The best exhaust sound by far, The 6.3 engine by AMG that is originally 6.2L !!!!

Damn these GTRs did good..

Lucky me.. I saw the trucks loaded with GR cars.. I bet the customer guy will enjoy.

Gone in 60 seconds list ?



  1. Loved the pics as always Stiggy! My favorite was the white GT-R getting ready to drag race. Awesome job man!

  2. Amazing! Simply and truly gorgeous!