Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Open Track Day - BIC Jan2012

I know you're bored with these posts full of stuff for guys only, but that's a hairy manly blog!

This time we thought we might spice it up and the guys took so many GoPro cams to document the event in a  away will help non-car-enthusiasts understand how we Stiggy people think.

Special Hand Made Lamborghini Balboni Edition Helmet on a Lamborghini Balboni car. Made by Foil Art.

Kuwait Flag was tempted to touch the Lamborghini Supperleggera's side mirror

As you can see, both the Camaro and the SuperLeggera both have GoPro Cameras.
check the video below.

Hope you liked the pictures :)

Check the video made by How2Q8



  1. Love the video and pics :)

    Do you travel with the cars to Bahrain or "ship them on crane"?

    No more weekend rides in Kuwait!

    1. We drive them off to Bahrain.. it is more fun. the journey itself is a joyful trip

      and yes we do go out during weekends too.

  2. Love the macro shot with the orange Lambo!