Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GulfRun7 Ceremony

GR7 ceremony was in the secret GR Garage in shuwaikh.
Eye candy cars were on display.. KTM X-Bow.. X-bow reads as (Cross bow)

My pictures were all over the place! printed in high resolution.. I was so proud to see people appreciating what I do! and that  am finally doing something right! :)

Two Aventador Lambos were there too.. too much for one day! overdose.

The Amazing DJ was there too, playing the best music.

Great Ambiance!

Trophies were all hand picked!! and costum made.. ONE BY ONE! these are real heavy pistons! not fake plastic ones.. so cool!

Thanks to all the sponsors for making this a great event, year after year.

Winners in one picture :)

See you in 2013 with a greater event as usual..



  1. Fantastic post! Amazing pictures as usual! Loved the large print pics that you worked on!

  2. Would you mind changing the word from costume to custom

  3. BTW great pics, & your efforts are really appreciated.

  4. Looks simply amazing! I'm jealous! Hehehe and I love how the trophies looked!

    P.S. Only Marzouq would be looking away when posing for a winners picture :P LOL Hehe

  5. Jacqui : Marzuoq was holding the mic when the best part of the song said "I'm sexy and I know it" :P