Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kim Kardashian uses a BlackBerry Bold 9900

Celebrities seem to market everything without being aware.

Here we can see Kim holding a Blackberry bold 9900 and using google alerts to see what people are saying about the Kardashains online.

Hey Jacqui lets see what you think :P


  1. LOOOOOOOL So now you're writing posts to seek me out? :P Okay okay! :P

    Btw Khloe just got her an iPhone which she doesn't use much except to instagram some :P And I think kafoooha hal blackberry :P

  2. if you were a girl that post would be titled " kim kardashian carries an "hermes" bag :P

  3. Jacqui : I just wanna show you how important it is :P

    Noon : Maybe, Thank god I am not!