Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Night at the bar

First of all, I dont drink.
And will never do.

But when I was in Bahrain, we pass by the bar in the Sofitel Hotel everyday. so my friend from the The Ventilation Dock blog suggested we take pictures since the lighting is amazing. 

The Management approved the photography. so we started :) 

The staff are so friendly and they enjoyed what we did cuz we kept showing them pictures.

I had to stand on a chair then up on the bar to be able to take this shot!
Who said photography is easy!

Don't Drink! Its 7aram..
just enjoy.


  1. I'm assuming @qabaq isn't talking about alcohol shots and that he's talking about your photo shots :p

  2. amazzzzing ... those pics are Epic and makes me wanna drink ... Water :P