Sunday, February 12, 2012

RedBull Car Park Drift Kuwait

RedBull Car Park Drift  - Kuwait Stage was held with big crowds and better organization than last year.
Plus, The weather this year is a lot more better.

Traction off Team, The winners wit the best looking car on display and two amazing drivers. Mubarak And Sami.
Follow them on Twitter @Traction_off

One of the categories was the look of the car, and the matt off-white looks super cool. Best looking car for me at least.

Best super funny crowed ever!

Abdo Faghali, Lebanese Rally Driver and champion was the star of show and one of the judges.

Up in the air!

King of smoke!

Judges in a serious moment.

Fascinated by his camera and dinner.

Flames coming out like a Dragon!

Three people were selected from the crowed to be passengers with Abdo Faghali and enjoy his professional drifting skills.

The winner Mubarak AL-Rumaidhi from Kuwait. Who will represent Kuwait in the finals next July in Lebanon.

Wish you all the best, and please take this sport to another level.
Yes, Mubarak understand the Art Of Drifting.



  1. love your shots amazing mashallah
    good job stig

  2. Thanks Q8Stig for the great pics! .. We will keep taking this sport to the next level and will be able to have more ppl to compete in Red Bull through our effort @slideNglide and our team @TRACTION_OFF will promise to put on a good show

  3. Great post and AMAZING pictures! Thanks for coming and I'm glad you had a good time :)

  4. Mubarak : You're a great driver, no doubt. and hope to see you win the overall competition.

    Piscean : It was a great event all in all. abd every year we see better set ups and better organization.