Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Light weight Weekend - 3300 Bhp RUN

Its been a while, since we did our morning drive to the borders..

This run was special since all the cars were the ultra light weight versions like : 
Porsche GT2 RS
Lamborghini LP-570 SupperLaggera
Lamborghini Performante
Porsche GT3 RS
Ferrari F430 Scuderia

and joined us later a Ferrari 612 Scglietti.

The cars were ready at 6a.m in Al-Beda'a area. then we went directly to Starbucks Rahaal. 
Streets were empty, weather was amazing and cars can breath cool air for the last few days of spring..

The money shot!

Porsche finest..

That's the best side mirror view ever.. 1700 horses following you!



  1. Looks like a great outing! You know what's better than seeing 1,700hp in your rearview? Hearing it :p Must have sounded great!

  2. It was one of those days that Even Geremey Clarckson would love to join..