Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RoadRush 2 - Girls Vs. Cars

Who said girls can't drive ?

Me and my friend MadToro were invited by the organizers of RoadRush to attend the 2nd year event in Bahrain International Circuit (BIC)

We came after they finished the briefing and started to inter the track. It was a bit awkward being the only tow guys in the track! usually it is the other way around.

Girls were a bit shy, but then we introduced ourselves as "The Bloggers" and things were ok.

Safety car started taking them into a "Get to know" lap and heating the tires.

BIC had some drag racing cars on display inside the main pits where we sit to add extra spice.

It was cool watching girls talking about braking and under-steer :/

The Drag strip full of shoes prints, some are ours, and some of the girls.. click on the image to enlarge and see the flowers prints..

Some girls got to be passengers in the Caterham, and some chose to drive! Brave girls.

It was funny getting to know that some of them already driving manual transition. 

Then, there was the Autocross and girls were slower in the first few trials, but got better timing toward the end.

Daring is fun!

And that was Day 1..

Wait for the next post of Day 2 activities..


  1. Sounds like a great event! looks like the girls had fun! Well done to all and good luck!

  2. Joe : It was great.. They now know more than you guys :P

  3. Good for them! Glad this event has come back for a 2nd time. Hope they continue and grow; want to see more competitive women drivers in Kuwait!

  4. As always ur pictures are truly priceless!

  5. The girls are amazing! The pics are fantastic. I wish I had the guts to try this. The truth is that I am a terrible driver. I might kill myself and several innocent bystanders. The world already hates us so I wouldn't be a good ambassador to represent my country on the track. LOL! ;P

  6. Lovely post but I don't understand the constant sexist remarks about girls driving. It's just a car, doesn't make men more inclined to drive better or know more about cars. :/

  7. thats awesome! i loved the footprints picture!