Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As You may all know, I am a car freak.. 
so in 2006, I decided to head for the number 1 car show on earth. And that's Detroit Motor Show. So the whole trip was based on that show, but we decided to take a look at some other states. NY was our first..

Here's few shots that I think might look interesting to you..
These pictures were taken in a semi-pro camera. not the one I am using now.

Time Sqaure

NY is the best place for Black and white photography

Yellow Cabs and Macy's

Zarzoor of NY

Foggy Night

I still feel that I need to go again, 4 nights only were not enough to see the city.. Maybe when I find a Female Stig.. we will honeymoon in Manhattan!!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Support The Stig

I am participating in the Historical, Vintage and classic cars museum photo competition this year.

So please go to this Link and vote for one of my three pictures. No.226, 227, 228
Or as you can see them below.

I need your support

Actually this is my first time to participate in a competition ever, Not because I hate competitions, but because I love photography. Never in my life sold a picture for money except for three charity events.

Thanks in advance.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sebastian Vettel with David Letterman

Sebastian Vettel gets really funny when under pressure and sometimes gets really fast.
Surprisingly David Letterman gets really technical with Sebastian.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mini Ad for the Olympics "Britalian Job"

Awesome video from Mini celebrating the London Olympics, This short film was done using real minis with stunt drivers, none of the Minis were harmed during filming.

Saving the Gold Medals 

Don't do this at home.. neither in London..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lamborghini Aventador vs. F16 Fighting Falcon

I still dont get it! why do they compare super cars to a jet fighter?
Both were not made to take a human from A to B..
One is designed for the ultimate speed.. and one designed to kill..

Anyway, This looks pretty cool looking at the dials and buttons of the lambo..

Would you do it if you have a Lambo?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Most expensive car - Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO. The first of the GTO Breed and one of the most rare cars on the planet, not in terms of numbers, but in terms of value.

In total, 39 250 GTOs were made only. making it Ferraris most desirable car for collectors.
This particular GTO was made for Sir Sterling Moss back in 1962, Sold in an auction for 35$ million!!

This car was sold few times. reaching a new owner.. a new air conditioned garage..

BlackBerry Event @JWMarriot

I was invited by BlackBerry middle east to attend their event where they wanted to release the new devices that will be available in the Kuwaiti market soon, and the BlackBerry 10.

On display, there some of the latest devices available now.

First of all, Mr. Sabdib Segal - Middle East Chief Operational Officer.

He stated some of the facts about BlackBerry worldwide like : 
  • First mobile in UK, South Africa, Nigeria and many others.
  • More that 77 Million subscriber around the globe.
  • More than 55 Million BBM user.
  • More than 650 partner around the world in 175 countries.
  • More than 400 thousand registered developer.
  • More than 190 million device been sold.
And so many other facts positioning BlackBerry among the top players in the Mobile industry.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Mufleh - Products&Services Director of RIM ME

He started with the introduction of the new 9320 Curve device and 9220 and the features comapred to the very affordable prices making it one of the cheapest smart phones.

Then he introduced the BIG NEWS..
The BlackBerry 10

I've seen this video awhile ago, right after the Samsung Galaxy S III press conference. and I was amazed by the smart features and the keyboard.

I am an old BlackBerry user, and I carry four mobiles all the time, two of them are BlackBerries and can't live without the usability and instant messages. Emails can't be accessed as fast and easy in any device like a BlackBerry and I don't think I will replace it with any other brand. instead.. I will wait for BlackBerry 10.

Then Mr. Ahmed Olewan - Sales Manager - Kuwait explained the Black Berry Bonus. which is a new concept of sales in marketing all together.

The idea or the concept of the bonus : If you're a BlackBerry user, you'll get a discount at some selected places. the list is getting bigger and bigger, so get a BlackBerry and start getting those discounts.

Some of the brands associated with the Bonus program  :
Deer&Dear 10%
Franklin & Marshall 10%
Baroue 10%
V-Cool 20%
Go Sport 10%
British Center 20%
Smash Burger 

and so many others coming soon..

At the end of the presentations, we were invited to the feast.. and everyone got a bag of goodies.

Thanks Dareen
Thanks Bin Sirri
Thanks RIM

It was a joyful evening :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

URBAN OUTLAW - Porsche Collector

Magnus Walker, Or AKA theUrban Outlaw who turned his hobby into an obsession and obsession into a successful business.

From a small Garage in LA, he started collecting one-offs 911s starting from 1964 to 1973.most of them looks like new and weel taken care of.

He's the most unlikely person to look like a 911 collector, but hes gone far.

Watch in HD.