Wednesday, June 20, 2012


As You may all know, I am a car freak.. 
so in 2006, I decided to head for the number 1 car show on earth. And that's Detroit Motor Show. So the whole trip was based on that show, but we decided to take a look at some other states. NY was our first..

Here's few shots that I think might look interesting to you..
These pictures were taken in a semi-pro camera. not the one I am using now.

Time Sqaure

NY is the best place for Black and white photography

Yellow Cabs and Macy's

Zarzoor of NY

Foggy Night

I still feel that I need to go again, 4 nights only were not enough to see the city.. Maybe when I find a Female Stig.. we will honeymoon in Manhattan!!



  1. AWESOME photos!!! loved the last one, so gotham like

  2. AMAZING Pics of my country! LOVE THEM Stiggy! I hope you find your female Stiggy soon. :)