Thursday, July 12, 2012

Detroit Motorshow 2006 Concepts

Many concepts end up as a show car, and never make it to showrooms! here are some of the concepts i've seen in Detroit Motorshow

First, there's the Chevrolet Camaro.. It was only a concept and it was the first unveiling of the car at Detroit. Home of the Big three companies and just 1Km far away from GM Headquarter.

Toyota FJ was new too, it looked so realistic that everyone knew it will be on production.

Dodge Challenger, Recently made it to showrooms.

Aston Martin Rapide was a concept too.. and made it to showrooms after the acquisition of a Kuwaiti Company (Aldar)

The new Yukon was introduced and few months later it was all over the world..and will be replaced in 2014

Lamborghini Miura The only concept yet to be undecided.. since Lamborghini planning for an SUV or a Sedan.


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