Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saudi Youth Mounting Cars on Bricks!

Reason Unknown!
I know from reading my stats and location of readers, that I have some readers from KSA. And I would like some answers to the following pictures!!

Now, After beating the world by sliding on pair of shoes while doing 140km/h on a highway holding on to the open doors with no safety aids. Then drifting in full traffic day time street at the speed of 180-160 km/h.

This is one of the trends the Saudi Youth tend to do to run from the summer heat in Al-Habla, A city 50 KM from ABHA. Maybe because it is the only way to keep the tires away from the heat to avoid melting tires!!

In many ways, this looks cool, but we need someone to explain it a little.. NO, a whole lot further!

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  1. As long as they're busy,we don't havta think matters after all hahaha