Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life Goes On

Now guess what?
for the past few years I noticed that on the same date every year! people celebrate something called birthday!

And I googled that! it happened to be, a funny celebration because you've been alive since last year and made it! no accidents? no heart attack? not shot by mistake like its happening here in Kuwait!

And what I also noticed, is that on that same date, people find new ways to spend money on things for you.. I mean if everyone buys stuff for him/her self, it would be more appropriate and based on your taste! instead of you save the money for someone else's' birthday and then wait for them to buy you stuff on your birthday.

Now this being said, It was yesterday, when people at work celebrated my birthday!

And I was lucky enough to have such caring friends! You should see the look on their faces!
I mean through all the speeding and crazy stuff I did last year! I am still alive! Maybe that's why they celebrate!

And that cake!! seems that everyone knows who the Stig is! which is not cool anymore. but the tire like icing is cool, and it tastes great too!

I Got another gift too..
Its a car.. YES! I am driving the car for few days, to review, take it out for a shoot. and then return it back :)

Stay tuned, and don't say happy birthday!
try things like.. "Hey! You made it" or "Lucky you! see how many people died this year, you didnt"



  1. Lol ... well Lucky you ! celebrate being alive ! hats the most amazing gift and ofcourse enjoy the other gift too .. have a beutiful adventurous life ahead ! and Im sorry but I have to say it Happy B-DAY :) Best wishes

  2. HBD and wish to you all the best

  3. Happy Belated Birthday :) & I'm wondering which car did you get :D?!

    1. Actually I got more than one car to test drive, so far, all white cars :)
      Will post about them soon

  4. lol, you make it so complicated :P