Monday, September 10, 2012

Review : The Early Bird

God created weekdays and jobs so we could appreciate weekends..
What is a weekend if you're jobless?

So, we Stay At Dewaneya till Dawn.. then we decided to have real food, real breakfast.
At The Early Bird - Fahaheel

The place is so cozy and feels like one of those restaurants you stop by on a road-triparound the states, but you should totally ignore the scene outside.

To be honest, We ordered orange juice and it tasted a little bit funny! seems the squeeze all the oranges a day before and keep it in the refrigerator. so we had to order coffee instead.  

Orders :

Black Coffee

Early Bird Breakfast Club Sandwich

Sunny Side up with Hash-brown and bacon 

Omelette with cheese and mashrooms 

Omelette with bacon and cheese, hash brown and sausage  

The after math!

Then we decided to have pan cakes.
Cuz they do real ones! not like the frozen ones you get from supermarkets.

We decided to have our fruits on the side.

Syrup pouring was insane! LOVE IT!

They open from 5am to 3 pm
Breakfast only
 Fahaheel : 23925814
Jabreya : 25343009

or visit their website : The Early Bird 


  1. niiiice shots o bel3afia 3alekom! :) always wanted to try it, maybe soon!

  2. i used to be a regular costumer there , but now i am addicted to Prime&Toast . bl3afeya

  3. Swera : Allah e3afeech, You can try the other branch in Jabreya if Fahaheel is far for you.

    NewQ8 Bride : I love prime&toast too. but never thought of taking pictures before! will do next time.

    Th.Haba : Thanks :)