Thursday, September 6, 2012

Test Drive : Lotus Exige S RBG Edition

On my Birthday, I was contacted by a reader to go to G-Force Garage to pick up my birthday gift!
I was like.. Wow! Thanks..

So I got the contact of Denzil who's in charge of G-Force now.. to go and pick up the thing..
And I was shocked when they told me that I will get a car! 

Yes.. A Lotus Exige S - RBG Edition for a week.

I was over excited and drove the car directly home. No one could believe the story.
Anyway.. I do get access to so many cars, but this one is different.

It is a Lotus, Very limited.. and it was new.

The following video is a good explanation of why I like the car.

So I took the car and was driving around for few days, no high speed runs, no crazy stuff yet.
And decided to go for a photo shoot in Ahmadi City.

The Brits

Few days later of driving in the car, I was visiting a friend and we decided to go for another photo shoot around Kuwait City. But we wanted somewhere new.. not so crowded. But it was so hot!

We started by visiting Alfalah Car Wash.. The best place for super cars.

What is RBG Edition?
Named After Roger Becker.. A man Loyal to Lotus. 44 years of experience. The british copy of Valentino Balboni from Lambroghini. 

And now the car is clean, we're good to go.
We went to the secret car park.. empty.. and quite 

I was accompanied by my fellow blogger/photographer How2Q8 

After that, we ran into the central bus station, where buses stop, change drivers and so on.
It was funny since it was so tiny between buses and it is illegal to go inside.. All security personnels cam running to me asking me to take the car out, since we were occupying a bus parking. That's why we couldn't take more shots.  

How does it feel to drive a lotus.. The car packs around 260Bhp and weighs 942 Kg. So the car will weigh 1 Ton including me.. Thats 260 Bhp per ton.. Cars that have similar output to weight are the Jaguar XKR-R, CLS 55 AMG and Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

So you can imagine the power generated. having in mind its only a 1.8L Toyota Engine, with a supercharger mounted on top.

Pros : 
  • Very responsive throttle.
  • Great Handeling.
  • Accurate steering.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Easy to park and manoeuvre because it so small.
  • High torque and pulls impressively in 6th even at low RPMs.
  • 4.0 sec from 0-100.
  • Mid-Engine give a great weight distribution.
  • Sounds pretty cool for a 1.8L, 4 Cylinder Engine.
  • Cool to drive around and people would pay attention.
  • So Many people will be your buddies just to go in spin.
  • Can be easily controlled while drifting.
  • Semi-Slick tires.
  • You'll loose weight cus you can't order from a drive through.
  • iPad cable connector.
Cons : 
  • Loud when you exceed 100Km/h.
  • A hassle to get In/Out.
  • Tires must be heated to get the best grip.
  • Poor visibility because you sit really low.
  • useless rear mirror.
  • Slight understeer.
  • Seats are small for tall fat bastards! I had to say it! :/
  • Girls cant git in a skirt.
  • Good for a track that we don't have here in Kuwait.

Over all..
Its been a while since I got the chance to drive a car that I enjoy this much. It is so cool to discover the other part of "Less is More".. Less weight, More Power. and If we have a track in Kuwait, I would consider this car over so many faster cars i've owned. 

Since we don't have a track, This car would be a nice get away from technology. drive in a cold winter dawn by the sea side, do some doughnuts and get back home with a smile on your face.

Absolutely love it.

Thanks to the generous owner, What a Great Birthday Gift! Thank You.. 


  1. What an awesome gift! Must have been a great time! I'm a huge Lotus fan, love their cars!

  2. It was one of those happy moments everytime i press the start button