Tuesday, December 18, 2012

GulfRun 2nd Endurance Karting Race

Karting for 24 hours!
So this year, GulfRun decided to repeat the success story of last year of the endurance karting race. 

I was busy and couldn't go to the opening of the race! but it was a good chance for me to visit them after midnight.. 9 hours after the race started..

to see some action and people sleeping and tired! LeMans style.

Safty first

Only Red


Main VIP Stand


Pit Stop

You wanna know whats going on here with the mobile ?
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Back up cars

Safety Car 

I am proud to see such races taking place here in Kuwait year after year! Thanks to the daring guys behind GulfRun.

Teams were enjoying it too! cheering for 24 hours is not easy.. Driving for two hours is not easy as well, but yea! they did it..

Can't wait for the carshow for this year, and the main event in January..

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