Sunday, December 2, 2012

SUVenture with Mercedes Benz in Oman - Part1

I was invited by Mercedes-Benz Kuwait to attend the SUVenture of the new SUVs range. The new ML500, GL500, G500 and GLK 350.

We got the program two weeks earlier, so we went to Kuwait Airport took the flight to Oman, stayed the night at Intercontinental Muscat then headed to AlMouj Golf. cuz they already have partnership with Mercedes-Benz.

For the first time in my short (Somehow) life.. I could use a golf bat and hit some balls!!

Then we got the usual boring safety briefing before splitting us into groups of two and get a car to test and drive.

Throughout the boring briefing they stated some good facts about Oman and the route we will be driving for the next few days and the terrains since we are not aware of some of these kinds of them in Kuwait.

The group was divided to two groups to have easy access to the lead car. every car comes equipped with a walkie talkie so we communicate easier. 

Day 1 was total of 255 km tarmac road and sand section.

I was in a ML500 firs.. It was new to me, new facelift iPhone charger,USB port and 12V output for another charger.

So good on tarmac, very amazing sound isolation for normal driving. 

So many goats!!!

Wahiba Sands.. to start with.. Thats a real desert.. not just cool image you see here.. for more information and to get to see the size of it.. click here.

we have to cross some step slopes to get to our 2nd night hotel, Called 1000 nights camp. which I will show you below.

We stayed the night here, after a great dinner, and Omani sweets.
The tent is a real tent! not just a tent look. so there is no air conditioning or roof for the bathroom, so you gotta be careful with stuff you do there..  

The place is so originally cool! and vintage. Having the breakfast outdoor with the great time of the year and the wether that comes with it was amazing..

Day 2 is about to start.. stay tuned.


  1. cool shots, that is why i asked you to take some pics with my cam ;)

  2. <3 mashalaah, lucky you!

  3. Qabaq : Some shots are taken By Feras my driver :P

    Justnoon : There's no G55 or G63 in here, but enjoy the next episode of the Gs