Sunday, December 16, 2012

SUVenture With Mercedes Benz in Oman - Part 3

Day 3 
We reached a new hotel called Sifawy. Newly opened and very clean.. spacious and cozy.

Very nice view and close to Muscat.. 

We reached the hotel by night at around 7 pm.. had a fancy dinner and then headed for bed as we gotta wake up at 6 am. to go for the ultimate wadi crossing and loose rocks.

The whole Sifawy area was new and looks great.

The pool, very tempting, but it was too cold for me..

Goats ride cars..

So we headed for the last wadi as we get out from the sifawy area..

First we went to a new experience dirt wadi pass. 

Shit happens.. we were lucky to have only one puncture during the three days events..


The big moment!

Leading car go first to demonstrate! it was not as easy and artistic as you see here.. very steep slope and we had to use everything in the car FINALLY!

The car was almost tilted on one side for about 30% which is very scary if you're in the car..
You can see how it looks from the side mirror.

we finally used the diff. lock and on the way up, we had to switch the front differential lock.

Now everyone, would know the G-Class got a high suspension not as the ML and the GL.

The GL500 got longer wheelbase compared to the ML500 and G500, so the car was harder to drive.

BUT, it was amazingly nimble during the final stage!
you set up the car to a certain hight.. stage 3
engage off-road set up 3
and you go for action

Up in the air..

All in all..
Summery : 
Me and my friend, never experienced Mercedes cars in action or off-road conditions..
And to be honest.. We were amazed by the capabilities of the cars.. I had the chance to drive 10 cars in 3 days.. MLs GLs and Gs

All very capable under so manny terrains and situations.
I would ask anyone considering any other brand for an SUV.. to visit their local Mercedes-Benz dealer and ask for a test drive.. 

Follow me on Keek for more videos about our test drive. 

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Kuwait for the great trip.
And see you in more test drives soon..

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  1. That is amazing! looks like a fantastic event!

    I for one love Oman, they have amazing roads! Looks like you had a lot of fun!