Thursday, December 6, 2012

SUVenture with Mercedes Benz in Oman - Part 2

And Day 2 begins..

So the 2nd day we start from the 1000 night camp going through some sand section.. The wahiba sands looks scary.. a Real Desert!

This is the G-Professional - it looks old and outdated, but it is actually 2011 model. made especially for offroading and military services.

Going through some sand cliffs and using low speeds is not easy.. But we were amazed by the power of cars like the ML and GL!

They look very neat as a luxury cars on the streets. but when they were in action.. they rammed Wahiba!!

We never used the top offroad option for Wahiba cuz it wasn't needed! The cars easily crossed.

So, when are we going to use the top option?

Then we headed for some tarmac roads to head for some Wadi & Mountain Crossings.

Taxi driver enjoying an artificial water creek that brings water directly from the mountain!

Clear water!

We have seen lots of old mini forts and houses in the wadi, they all built a little bit higher cuz when it rains, the wadi makes a river!

Mini Mosque 

We've been crossing so many creeks, so the car offroad system and hydraulic was lifted to level 1 or two maximum. because for level 3 you have to drive slower than 20 km/h. but the G-Class was easily doing it without the ned for the lift!

Then we had to climb up the mountain to 1600m above sea level.. on a one way dirt road enough for only one car..

Once you reach up, they was a tent and a BBQ ready for lunch..
Clouds and clean air with the good company of cool cars..

On the way down.. still on dirt road, with a car fully equipped.. it gets heavy and slippery.
So we apply the DSR system (Downhill Speed Regulation). With this option, you can apply the maximum speed you need to go down and the car will break automatically.

You think this is funny! No it is very useful and safer, cuz on a dirt road, you loose front grip and end up with a big understeer on a curve and eventually fall from the top of the mountain.. and die!

You can set it up from 2km/h and still be able to change it while driving if you needed more speed without the need to stop completely.

This picture summs up the hard time we are giving these cars!

Day 2 finishes, and we go to our last hotel stay at sifawy hotel