Monday, December 23, 2013

Marke Webber Tribute

Mark.. To me and many people who know what the sport is.. You are a pure champion..
Heroes are made from the same material..
Many people would dream to be half you..

F1 lost..
Porsche won
Keep doing what you're doing best..

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lamborghini Huracán

Meet The long awaited Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

Or AKA Gallardo replacement
A little bit of history here..
First Gallardo was a 2005 model that packed a V10 making 520 Bhp
Then replaced with the LP560-4 in 2009
And with so many ranges came out as limited editions and lighter versions

The New LP610-4 comes with greater modifications to make the car very competitive since Ferrari & McLaren have their cars already using double clutch..

And that what the Italian bad boy did with the new Lambo.
YES! Finally a double clutch!

Design is very sleek and looks very similar to the older brother "Aventador"
Finally a Proper wheel design I guess.

5.2 Litre
610 Bhp
413 pound-feet of torque
4wheel drive
0-100 3.2 sec
0-200 9.9 seconds
top speed 325 km/h

The car was named after a fighting bull from 1879 that was named Huracán
Just like the Aventador and Gallardo

Car will be on sale after the Geneva Motorshow next March and we will receive it here in the region around may/june

This car has a very difficult task..
The previous Gallardo was the best seller in the history of Lamborghini at 14,022 cars!!
This car either brake the number or long live the Gallardo

Let's hope it performs as it looks


Maserati Trofeo Race in Abu Dhabi - Yas Island 2013

I was invited By Al-Zayyani (Dealers of Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Daihatsu and more in Kuwait) to attend the Maserati Trofeo World Series (Finals) in Yas Marina Abu Dhabi, UAE.

I got the morning flight on Etihad Airways..
Was my first time to fly Eithad..
Quit nice airlines i'd say!

I was suppose to find a chauffeur with my name.. but I went out from the wrong gate! got the Etihad airways car.. and missed the Maserati ride :P

I reached the hotel, was greeted by the Maserati Team and got to choose my car to drive as a guest around the track! I opted for the Maserati Gran Tourismo MC Stradale.

Checked in at Park Hyatt
went to the room
had an asspresso shot
went back to the lobby
got into the shuttle
headed to yas!
And we were greeted by amazing staff in the Maserati VVIP Guests Lounge.

Then we signed lots of papers that no one reads..

Then we headed down to the track entrance..
I was given a helmet.. and waited for my turn to drive the MC Stradale..
When out of no where.. A Racing Maserati Trofeo parked and I had to choose wether to drive the Gran Tourismo MC Staradale or ride with a professional racing driver as a passenger..

I went as a passenger as I know I might never be offered the same again!

It was terrifyingly fast!
The driver was completely knowing what he was doing!
Yas is amazing!
The Car sounds like 12 Lions having orgasm all together at the same time!

The we got permission to shoot the pits of Maserati..
Lots of carbon-fiber and the place smells so nice! A mix of rubber, abused clutches and gas!

Below is the Maserati MC12 Corsa.. number of this car produced is less than the people who ruled England!

Qualifying started and the sound was roaring sexy!

Extra rims! You want some?

we went back to the hotel.
woke up
had breakfast.. (Not like James Hunt)
then we reached the track

I went first to meet Khalid Al-Mudhaf - A Kuwaiti racer who raced almost everything on wheels including shopping karts..

From LeMans 24hrs to GT3, to Porsche Cup and the rest.. except F1..

Then went to shoot the Maserati Finals!

After the race we went back to the hotel, freshen up and came back for the party.. And as many of you already know.. I am not a party boy.. So i was enjoying myself watching the 12 hours Gulf Race.

All in All
Was a great Event! great cars, Sound was the star of the show.
Lots of amazing drivers we met
Helpful Staff from Maserati

Special Thanks to Amr from ALzayyani
Robert, Katrin from Maserati
Grant from the event management company! such a cool guy!

Hope we'll meet again!

Now enjoy my first video done by me!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mercedes Vs. Jaguar Ad

Mercedes-Benz posted an Ad that went viral abut the new Magic Body Control for the new generation S-Class..

And this is the Ad

Now Jaguar saw the Mercedes Ad and seems they didn't quit liked the idea of the chicken or so.. which made the marketing team act about it instead of just making fun of it..

And this is what they cam up with!

Well done Both of you :P

GulfRun 9 Dinner night

So every year Gulf Run invite drivers, friends and food lovers to a dinner where they all meet, eat, socialise and talk about nothing but cars..  

So I love food and cars.. this would be interesting then!
As you enter the warehouse or aka the secret meeting venue.. you notice lots of super cars and rare GT3 RSs and other fancy toys parked outside!

You feel there's something cool going on here!

Then you're greeted by the two KTMs

Music and DJ..

Then the two DMC F12 and Aventador!!!

Everything was perfect about this F12 even without modifications.. But the red rim lip is so 1990 and the top roof air scoop is too much!

The Avy on the other hand looks brilliant!
Color, Kit, Stance, Rims... love it!

For almost two hours I spent there.. we talked about nothing but cars and photography..
I was so happy finding the right people to talk about the subject..
I learn new stuff from them.. They know a lot with passion..

They played an exclusive video too that night as a teaser for GR9
Soon will try to find the video and post it.

Here below you can find the picture of the ultimate toy ever.. the BMW 1M


Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Racers

A Great Video of how racers live their lives based on passion..
Great quotes and perfectly matches the music and footage!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gulf Run 24 hours Endurance Karting Race 2013

I will not explain what GulfRun is after 8 years of success..

But if you're really new to cars.. go to their website to know more.. Click Here

So Drivers were up and ready with the booth setups, sleeping bags allover.
Coffee and tea..
People walking in racing suits a helmets hanging on the walls..
 in short... awesome..

Then they started the grid arrangement

And the 24 hrs race started...

I stayed for two hours, then headed to chalet for BBQ night, came back after 7 hours and they're still racing!

Asking about team orders while passing by the pits..

Less drag, better and faster! Smart!!

Went home, slept for few hours, came back.. still racing!

Went hoe again, slept for few more hours, went to the gym, showered, came back.. still racing!

And the checkered flag is waved after 24 hours!
This is not easy by the way..
Some of the managing race control people stayed up for more than 30 hours straight..
Some team managers stayed up too!

Great job from everyone.. especially Gulf Run Team!

Now I'll leave you with some pictures of the team and ceremony..